A small introduction

About Us

How it all came to be…

Reliable Internet Services

We are a growing company based in the East Coast of USA. Launched with the mission to provide reliable & fast internet to underprivileged and small businesses operating in areas where they do not have fast internet options like Verizon FiOS or other reliable internet service provider. We want to bring our services to them and grow to other areas.

Striving towards excellence

The Journey Continues

2015: We started as a sole proprietor and witnessed immense demand from customers across the country, thus motivating us to reach out to more homes and businesses.

2016: After such a great demand for our services we incorporate our business and result in another year of exponential growth for our business. We have multiple businesses on-board with us.

Striving towards excellence

The Journey Continues

2017: Year of exciting new service providers with aggressive promotions and trying to reach out to the new segments. Providing easy billing solutions to our existing customers to streamline the process so we can focus on growing yet take care of existing residential customers & businesses alike.

2018: Due to Verizon Wireless anti-customer policies we decide to not expand our Verizon business ourselves but help customers establish their own accounts with one time purchase option as it doesn’t impact the consumers individually as they own their source of internet themselves rather than leasing through us. We offer very competitive pricing but yet no compromise on the quality of customer service. It has been so far great new year with new challenges but our mission stays same; finding innovative ways to provide reliable internet to rural America.

2019: Added third major carrier in our plans. Looking forward to get into 5G technology.


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